Nike Swoosh Non-Padded Sports Bra Review: The Best Sports Bra Overall

Nike Swoosh Non-Padded Sports Bra Review: The Best Sports Bra Overall

Nike Swoosh Non-Padded Sports Bra Review: The Best Sports Bra Overall

Nike Swoosh Non-Padded Sports Bra

Style: Compression | Support: Medium | Size range: XS to 2XL | Materials: Polyester and spandex

Best for:

  • High-movement activities like yoga or Pilates
  • A to C cup sizes
  • Sweaty workouts

Skip if:

  • You need more support for running
  • Your cup size is D or larger

Nike Swoosh Non-Padded Sports Bra Features

There are two main types of sports bras: encapsulation and compression. The Nike Swoosh bra is a compression-style bra; it doesn’t separate your breasts, but instead uses tight fabric to flatten them to your body. While popular, this method actually only works for women with small and medium chests, usually in the A to C cup size range. Women with larger chests, or those who run and practice high-intensity workouts, may find that they require more stability (provided by encapsulation) versus just compression.

Still, I loved this bra. My B-cup breasts stayed happily secure during runs, HIIT workouts and yoga classes. Our other smaller-breasted testers agreed with me, calling this a “simple but genius” bra.

Nike Swoosh Non-Padded Sports Bra Review: The Best Sports Bra Overall

The Nike Swoosh features a wide band, padded straps and a breathable polyester-spandex material.

Nike made important decisions about this bra; it looks deceptively simple but actually contains many of the markers our experts recommended as being important in a supportive sports bra. The band is wide, which means it doesn’t roll down or gap, and the bra itself stays secure against your body. The polyester-spandex material has enough give to be comfortable, but it’s also breathable and supportive—and thick enough to prevent most visible nipple marks. The straps aren’t adjustable, but they are wide and padded; no chafing or gapping to be found. And the Swoosh’s material mix is breathable, too. Even in a 100-degree hot yoga class, I was dry within 15 minutes.

For $35, the Swoosh is a solid purchase that stands up to hard workouts and a lot of wear. I used this bra dozens of times, and washed it dozens of other times during our first month of testing; there were no signs of wear. This is a great sign that the bra will last. (And I loved that it’s machine-washable; no fuss!) But even if it starts to wear out, the price point makes it easy to snag another one. They’re also frequently on sale.

Nike’s bras come in XS to 2XL sizing. This range is just okay, and larger-breasted women may find it difficult to get the right fit because each size contains a wide variety of band and cup sizes, according to the size chart. Larger-breasted athletes probably won’t be best served by the Nike Swoosh’s compression style. (But check out my larger review with options for those who fall into this category.)

That said, the bra did fit true-to-size for most A, B and C cup testers. If yours doesn’t fit right, Nike products have a 60-day return window; the items must be unworn.

How Does The Nike Swoosh Non-Padded Sports Bra Compare?

The Nike Swoosh Non-Padded Sports Bra isn’t the best sports bra for every person; no sports bra can serve every body type. But it rose to the top of the pile as a favorite of mine, and of our small- and medium-breasted testers, because it was a consistent workhorse. Compared to the cheaper Fittin Racer Back Sport Bra, the Nike Swoosh had more durable fabric that lasted throughout a month of intense wear, showing very few signs of use. The material also wicked moisture better than most compression-style sports bras I tried; it dried quickly after intense workouts. And it hit that desired sweet spot of comfort and support. I could wear it for many hours and still feel comfortable (no muscle pinching or tension), but the bra provided enough support for most of my daily fitness routines. At just $35 at the time of this writing, the Nike Swoosh is also cheaper than most of the other bras we tested, but just as good (or better) than many double its price!

How I Tested The Best Sports Bras

I tested sports bras for 3 months. I started by reading reviews and interviewing several sports bra experts, including:

After these conversations, I narrowed our list to 10 sports bras with solid reviews. Each had the features most people will need to keep their breasts from moving around during exercise. I ordered these bras using the fit guides on each brand’s website, then gave each a test in three different environments: at home, in a yoga class and in a high-intensity workout situation (like a HIIT class or on a run). I also washed the bras several times to test for durability.

Once I finished my testing, a panel of six other women tested the top seven bras in our lineup. Two other smaller-breasted testers with cup sizes ranging from A to C tried the Nike Swoosh and sent me their thoughts on the bra’s best and worst qualities.

My Expertise

I’m a freelance journalist who’s been writing product reviews, health content and more for over a decade. Before I started freelancing, I worked as a full-time editor at Wirecutter, where I reviewed and wrote about outdoor and travel products. Since then, I’ve worked on product-focused content for Reviewed, Slate, Wirecutter, Gear Patrol, REI and others. Most of my reviews these days are focused on health, the outdoors and baby and kid gear.

In addition to being a writer, I’m also a mom to two tiny humans—a 3-year-old and a 9-month-old—and I’m a certified yoga instructor and amateur runner. I live in a mountain town and try to exercise at least 4 days per week, usually Pilates or yoga. I also walk or run outside, often with my kids, nearly every day.

Are Nike Sports Bras Comfortable?

Yes! Nike sports bras are designed to be supportive, with a wide band and wide straps that distribute weight without chafing or pinching. Their materials—often recycled—are also generally soft and comfortable.

That said, everyone’s body is different. It’s important to try a bra before you buy it, or to at least buy a bra online with a good return policy. Some people will not find the compression-only structure of Nike sports bras to be the right fit for their breasts or their preferred activity routine.

Is A Sports Bra A Comfortable Option For People With Large Breasts?

For a long time, sports bra makers have been “lazy” about serving larger-breasted women, apparel expert Dr. LaJean Lawson says. But brands are starting to catch up with the demand and have designed a number of options that support larger breasts with encapsulation, rather than just compression, plus added adjustability and cup volume. Check my full guide for recommendations.

How Should I Wash My Sports Bra?

Each brand has different instructions. Nike bras can be machine-washed and dried.


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