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Автор: Nawal M. Nour | Andre B. Lalonde | Suellen Miller | Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta | Jai K. Das | L. Lewis Wall | Khady Diouf | Christin Price | Sigal Yawetz | Blair Wylie | Johanna Daily | Maria I. Rodriguez | Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan | Rose Leonard Molina | Jennifer Scott | Julianna Schantz-Dunn | Bhavani Shankar Kodali | Dinesh Kumar Jagannathan | Sadath Ali Sayeed; Length: Harvard University Press; Language: 0674731247; Publisher: 978-0674731240

Responding to the growing need for tried-and-trusted solutions to the reproductive health care issues confronting millions of women worldwide, Obstetrics and Gynecology in Low-Resource Settings provides practical guidelines for ensuring the delivery of quality OB/GYN care to women in resource-poor countries. Including contributions from leading clinicians and researchers in the field, this welcome overview fills an important gap in existing medical literature on women’s health care and will be an invaluable resource for doctors, clinicians, and medical students at all stages of their careers who work in the global health arena.

The reproductive health risks that all women face are greatly exacerbated when health care facilities are inadequate, equipment and medications are in short supply, and well-trained medical staff are few and far away. Often in these settings, the sole doctor or medical professional on hand has expertise in some areas of women’s reproductive care but needs a refresher course in others.

This informative guide features hands-on, step-by-step instruction for the most pertinent OB/GYN conditions?both acute and chronic?that health care workers in the field confront. The authors examine a wide range of topics, including: strategies to reduce maternal mortality and stillbirths; infectious and sexually transmitted diseases, including malaria and HIV; cervical cancer; contraception; prenatal, delivery, and newborn care; and complications arising from gender-based violence and female genital cutting. Published in a convenient format with a durable binding, this reference will be an essential companion to health care providers throughout the world.

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Автор: Michael R. R. Foley | Thomas H. Strong Jr. | Thomas J. Garite; ISBN-10: 1259861759; ISBN-13: 978-1259861758; Edition: 5th; Publisher: McGraw Hill / Medical

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.

The acclaimed quick-reference manual focusing on the clinical management of the critically ill pregnant patient

For two decades, the
Obstetric Intensive Care Manual has distinguished itself as the go-to guide for obstetricians, intensivists, residents, and nurses requiring immediate, practical guidance on intensive and critical care obstetric issues. Carefully written and formatted to deliver at-a-glance answers the moment they are needed, this trusted resource delivers treatment information on the most commonly encountered emergencies such as maternal sepsis, postpartum hemorrhage, cardiac disease, and thyroid emergencies. The Manual also covers key topics in managing obstetric patients in the ICU, such as transporting critically ill patients, fetal considerations and neonatal resuscitation, fluid and electrolyte therapy, and advanced cardiac life support.


• Updated content reflects the best available evidence
• Easy-to-apply step-by-step guidance helps you deliver outstanding care to critically ill patients, and makes even the most complex treatment protocol simple to implement
• Numerous summary tables, algorithms, figures, boxed information, and illustrations put essential information at your fingertips
• Memory aids help you learn and remember information in the most efficient way possible
If you are in need of a time-proven reference that delivers focused coverage over an extensive range of topics relative to obstetric intensive care, your search ends here.

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Автор: John T. Littell Md Faafp; Length: Iuniverse; Language: 1491759038; Publisher: 978-1491759035
There is no question that women are called upon to make a variety of sacrifices during the course of their reproductive lives. Dealing with the physical, emotional and psychological demands of the monthly reproductive cycle, of pregnancy and of childrearing can prove exhausting for many?especially when coupled with the rigors of managing a home and full time employment outside the home. So why is it that these same women have been asked?and at times, required?to make health care choices which further compromise their overall wellbeing?while men?their partners and soulmates?are left with little or no responsibility for such issues as STD prevention and birth control? In a guidebook tailored for both women and men, a seasoned doctor combines facts and advice relevant to women and their families that will empower them to make informed decisions about future health care. Dr. John Littell, a family physician with more than twenty-five years of experience that includes obstetrics and gynecology, shares valuable insight about controversial issues in women's health care that range from HPV vaccination in children to the diagnosis and treatment of HPV-related disease to the numerous choices related to contraception and family planning. With an emphasis on natural options, Dr. Littell includes guidance and case studies related to common gynecologic health issues encountered by teenagers and women throughout their reproductive lives while exposing much of the deception in women's health care today.
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Автор: Julia Chinyere Oparah | Helen Arega | Dantia Hudson | Linda Jones | Talita Oseguera; Length: 1946665118; Language: 978-1946665119

"Battling Over Birth: Black Women and the Maternal Health Care Crisis reveals hard truths— powerful findings on the role of racism, coercion, inadequate prenatal care, the pressures undermining breastfeeding and the lack of access to alternatives to a broken maternal health-care system as key threads of black women’s birth experiences."

—Kimberly Seals Allers, MS, author, The Big Letdown

"This book clearly lays out the barriers facing Black families, but it also offers solutions. I think every professional who works with parents and babies of any color should read this book."


"Battling over Birth is a critical and timely resource for understanding black women’s birthing experiences in the United States, a country where black women’s lives—and the lives they create—are at much greater risk of death and injury than those of non-black women … By distilling the common and diverse threads from over 100 black women, the BWBJ researchers have woven a multi-faceted tapestry that reflects what black women view as important and central to optimal birth experiences. Their recommendations for improving care and outcomes are grounded in black women’s authoritative knowledge. … This wonderful, important, necessary research by and for black women points in the direction that black women think we should go to ensure they have safe, healthy, and satisfying birth experiences and outcomes. We need to listen and act."

—Christine Morton, PhD, author, Birth Ambassadors: Doulas and the Re-Emergence of Woman-Supported Birth in America

Black Women Birthing Justice is a collective of African-American, African, Caribbean and multiracial women who are committed to transforming birthing experiences for black women and transfolks. Our vision is that every pregnant person should have an empowering birthing experience, free of unnecessary medical interventions and forced separation from their child. Our goals are to educate, to document birth stories and to raise awareness about birthing alternatives. We aim to challenge human rights violations, rebuild confidence in our ability to give birth, and decrease disproportionate maternal and infant mortality.

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Автор: Monique Rainford; Length: Broadleaf Books; Language: 1506487610; Publisher: 978-1506487618

A tragedy is unfolding all around us and is receiving well overdue attention. Black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy than their white peers. But Dr. Monique Rainford is working to better understand these disparities and do something about them.

Pregnant While Black is a hopeful exploration of the issues pregnant Black women face in America. Within these pages, Dr. Rainford draws on over twenty years of experience working in obstetrics and gynecology to offer a primer on Black pregnancies and how to better care for them. She shares the successes and testimonies of Black women who have struggled during pregnancy and childbirth, anchoring the stories of these women with carefully researched facts. Despite medical advances over the last twenty years, for Black women, the overwhelming dangers of carrying and delivering children remain and it only seems to be getting worse.

In Pregnant While Black, Rainford begins the work of "repairing the damage of the past" with an examination of the conditions that plague Black pregnancies. This important book carries the hopes and dreams of a generation looking to effect change, here and now.

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Автор: Kitty Cashion RN BC MSN | Shannon E. Perry RN PhD FAAN | Kathryn Rhodes Alden EdD MSN RN IBCLC | Ellen Olshansky PhD RN WHNP-E FAAN | Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk RNC PhD FAAN; ISBN-10: 0275972267; ISBN-13: 978-0275972264; Edition: 12th; Publisher: Mosby

Stay up-to-date with the latest in women’s health! Maternity and Women's Health Care, 12th Edition provides evidence-based coverage of everything you need to know about caring for women of childbearing age. The new edition is thoroughly updated and consistent with the NCLEX® test plan, focusing on prioritization of care and how best to work among interprofessional teams. As in previous editions, this text emphasizes childbearing concerns like newborn care, wellness promotion and the management of women's health problems. The 12 edition integrates the continuum of care throughout, focusing on the importance of understanding family, culture, and community-based care along with new medication alerts, future trends in contraception, human trafficking, the zika virus, and more! Content on many high-risk conditions has been updated to reflect newly published guidelines.

    • Expert authors of the market-leading maternity nursing textbook deliver the most accurate, up-to-date content.
    • Clinical Reasoning Case Studies provide you with opportunities to critically analyze a client situation and utilize clinical reasoning skills to identify priorities in care."
    • Community Activity boxes focus on maternal and new born activities that can be pursued in local community settings and online and illustrate nursing care in a variety of settings including assisting clients locating resources.
    • Cultural Considerations stress the importance of considering the beliefs and health practices of clients and their families from various cultures when providing care.
    • Emergency boxes provide information about various emergency situations and offer a quick reference in critical situations.
    • Medication Guides provide key information about commonly used medications with specific nursing implications.
    • Nursing Care Plans identify priority client problems and concerns along with appropriate interventions and rationale.
    • Highlighted Safety alerts integrated within the content draw attention to developing competencies related to safe nursing practice.
      • Signs of potential complications highlight vital concerns, alerting you to signs and symptoms of complications and the immediate interventions to provide.
      • Teaching for Self-Management boxes highlight important information that you need to communicate to patients and families for follow-up care.
      • Medication Alerts highlighted and integrated within the content alert you to critical drug information that must be considered to provide safe client care.
        • NEW! Enhanced focus on prioritization of care in clinical reasoning case studies and nursing care plans is consistent with NCLEX® updates.
        • NEW! Recognition of the importance of interprofessional care covers the roles of the various members of the interprofessional healthcare team.
        • UPDATED! Content on many high-risk conditions updated to reflect newly published guidelines.
        • NEW! Information about the Zika virus gives you the most current practice guidelines to help you provide quality care.
        • NEW! Coverage of future trends in contraception help increase your awareness of developing ideas in pregnancy prevention.
        • Content on gestational diabetes and breast cancer screening cover newly published guidelines.
        • NEW! Added content on human trafficking provides you with examples and ideas on how to counsel victims and their families.
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      Автор: Ronica Mukerjee DNP MSN FNP-BC MsA LAc | Linda Wesp PhD MSN FNP-C RN | Randi Singer PhD MSN MEd CNM RN | Dane Menkin MSN CRNP; ISBN-10: 0826169155; ISBN-13: 978-0826169150; Edition: 1st; Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

      Strive for health equity and surmount institutional oppression when treating marginalized populations with this distinct resource!

      This unique text provides a framework for delivering culturally safe clinical care to LGBTQIA+ populations filtered through the lens of racial, economic, and reproductive justice. It focuses strongly on the social context in which we live, one where multiple historical processes of oppression continue to manifest as injustices in the health care setting and beyond. Encompassing the shared experiences of a diverse group of expert health care practitioners, this book offers abundant examples, case studies, recommendations, and the most up-to-date guidelines available for treating LGBTQIA+ patient populations.

      Rich in clinical scenarios that describe best practices for safely treating patients, this text features varied healthcare frameworks encompassing patient-centered and community-centered care that considers the intersecting and ongoing processes of oppression that impact LGBTQIA+ people every day--particularly people of color. This text helps health providers incorporate safe and culturally appropriate language into their care, understand the roots and impact of stigma, address issues of health disparities, and recognize and avoid racial or LGBTQIA+ microaggressions. Specific approaches to care include chapters on sexual health care, perinatal care, and information about pregnancy and postpartum care for transgender and gender-expansive people.

      Key Features:

      • Emphasizes patient-centered care incorporating an understanding of patient histories, safety needs, and power imbalances
      • Provides tools for clinician self-reflection to understand and alleviate implicit bias
      • Fosters culturally safe language and communication skills
      • Presents abundant patient scenarios including specific dos and don'ts in patient treatment
      • Includes concrete objectives, conclusions, terminology, and references in each chapter and discussion questions to promote critical thought
      • Offers charts and information boxes to illuminate key information
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      Автор: Kerri Durnell Schuiling | Frances E. Likis; ISBN-10: 1284182347; ISBN-13: 978-1284182347; Edition: 4th; Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
      Gynecologic Health Care: With an Introduction to Prenatal and Postpartum Care continues to set the standard for evidence-based gynecologic health care and well-being in an extensively updated fourth edition. As in prior editions, the text presents gynecologic health care using a holistic and person-centered approach. Encompassing both health promotion and management of gynecologic conditions, it provides clinicians and students with a strong foundation in gynecologic care and the knowledge necessary to apply it in clinical practice. With an emphasis on the importance of respecting the normalcy of physiology, it is an essential reference for all midwives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other clinicians who provide gynecologic health care. Written by award-winning clinicians and educators, Gynecologic Health Care covers the topics clinicians and students need to know. Additional chapters provide an overview of prenatal and postpartum care, including anatomic and physiologic adaptations of normal pregnancy and common complications of pregnancy. The Fourth Edition features three new chapters: racism and health disparities, male sexual and reproductive health, and preconception care.
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      Автор: STEVEN M. PENNY MA RT(R)) RDMS; ISBN-10: 197518548X; ISBN-13: 978-1975185480; Edition: Third; Publisher: LWW
      Prepare for—and excel on—the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) and American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification exams! Steven M. Penny'sExamination Review for Ultrasound: Abdomen & Obstetrics and Gynecology, 3rd Edition, focuses only on the information that you'll see on these exams, saving you valuable study time. Now in full color throughout, it uses a concise, narrative approach and features an online exam simulator with hundreds of registry-style questions. 
      • 60 review questions for each chapter—1,920 total—plus an online exam simulator with even more sophisticated mock exams customizable for both the ARDMS Abdomen and OB/GYN and the comprehensive ARRT exams 
      • Full alignment with ARDMS and ARRT revised content outlines, with pathology coverage in each chapter and new topics throughout 
      • More than 1,000 sonographic images and diagrams—many new to this edition—increase your understanding of anatomy and the physiologic principles crucial to optimal sonographic practice and the comprehension of vital information 
      • Organized boxes and charts, that include lab values, pair clinical findings with sonographic findings, allowing for summary, retention, and demonstrates the progression from clinical presentation to the utilization of sonographic imaging in the diagnosis of disease 
      • Highlighted key terms throughout with definitions help you retain critical information and solidify your understanding of the material 
      Enrich Your eBook Reading Experience 
      • Read directly on your preferred device(s), such as computer, tablet, or smartphone
      • Easily convert to audiobook, powering your content with natural language text-to-speech

      The Comprehensive Self-Assessment is available soon via the downloadable Vitalsource eBook!
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      Автор: Mick van Trotsenburg | Rixt A. C. Luikenaar | Maria Cristina Meriggiola; ISBN-13: 978-1108842310; Kindle feature: Cambridge University Press; Publisher: 18.2 MB
      This comprehensive and authoritative book is written by over seventy of the foremost experts working with the care of transgender and gender expansive patients for gynecologists and those working in neighboring disciplines. Among medical specialists, understanding of the complex reality and medical needs of transgender and gender diverse individuals is still limited. This book offers the opportunity to understand transgynecology in a way that is inclusive and up-to-date, with insights into liaison with specialties such as urology, dermatology, sexuology, physiotherapy amongst others. By contextualising transgender/gender diverse medicine before covering specific issues such as imaging, benign disorders, fertility maintenance, medico-legal concerns and uterine transplantation, this book is truly unique. Aimed at gynecologists, obstetricians, general practitioners, counsellors and all those who work with transgender, non-binary, or gender diverse patients, this book prepares the reader for the prerequisites and subtleties of transgynecology.
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